Calvin Web Print is the result of a semester-long student project. The goal was to make a friendlier interface to the printing system at Calvin College. The website went live on December 10, 2015, and since then we have attracted many users, received a lot of positive feedback from students, and even got a write-up in Calvin's student newspaper Chimes. The website is currently activley maintained by James Lamine and Tyler VanZanten.


For all fan mail, hate mail, and other sorts of mail, send an email to [email protected]. Seriously though, if you have a suggestion for making our site better or if you spot an error, please send us an email.


There are a number of features we would like to add to our site. You can help make them a reality by contributing to our GitHub repository.


Q: What types of files can I print?
A: Word documents, PDFs, OpenOffice documents (.odt), and picture files. We recommend PDFs for best results in maintaining page layout.

Q: I printed a document two days ago, but it’s no longer in my queue. What happened to it?
A: Files are automatically removed from your queue after 24 hours.

Q: The printers can staple my documents?
A: Yes, the mfds have that cability. The large printer/copier combo machines are called mfds.

Q: Why can’t I print my document double-sided and stapled?
A: We disallow it because the pages of double-sided documents get stapled out of order.

Q: I am about to print more than one copy of a document and I see the option for collate. What does collate mean?
A: Refer to the diagrams on this page.

Q: Are you endorsed by CIT (Calvin Information Technology)?
A: No, but they have been supportive of this project.

Q: When will the story of Calvin Web Print be made into a movie directed by David Fincher?
A: Hopefully soon. We’re big fans of his work.

Q: When I swipe my card at the printer, I see the error message “PC Load Letter”. What does that mean?
A: We have no idea.